The Midwestern U.S. Pagan FAQ Pagan and Wiccan Events, Groups, and Resources in Illinois, Iowa, Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin, Missouri, and Michigan, with Strong Emphasis on the Chicago Metropolitan Area Version: 4.02 Created: April 5, 1996 Last updated: April 22, 1998 This is the Midwestern U.S. Pagan Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). This list is maintained by Jeffrey Benner (, 708-799-6474). Any questions, requests to remove or modify information, and suggestions/criticisms/rants should be directly forwarded to me. I apologize in advance for any omissions or errors. The easiest way to obtain the latest version of this FAQ is to go to WWW page version at The FAQ can also be requested via email to the author. Important! This is not a regular service, so don't subscribe to my mailing list expecting automatic mailings of the full FAQ. Every time you want a FAQ by email, you must write to me directly, *EVERY* time. And then I will mail it to you. Short of that, I will also post notices of revisions of the FAQ to my mailing list, I will also send important information which for some reason won't make it into the web page to the people on my mailing list. So get on the mailing list! And I will put out much of the same information to the following newsgroups on an irregular schedule: alt.pagan, alt.religion.wicca, soc.religion.paganism ====== HOW TO USE THE FAQ: The FAQ is divided into several major sections. In this ASCII version, the subdivisions are: I. REGULAR EVENTS The purpose of "REGULAR EVENTS" is to list events which occur every week, every month, or every year at basically the same time, place, with the same contact information and description every time. If you are looking for a regular event in your area, go to this section first. Remember, though, that all the events in your area will not be only in "REGULAR EVENTS". There will also be lots of events listed under "IRREGULAR EVENTS CALENDAR". Festival information is listed under this category. II. IRREGULAR EVENTS CALENDAR (ALL MIDWEST) This is stuff that happens only once, or so far as I know will be different enough the next time it happens that there is no point to giving it a permanent listing under "REGULAR EVENTS". Events here are listed in chronological order, not regional/locale order. Always check here to get a complete picture of events in your area. III. GROUPS, ORGANIZATIONS This is where all the neo-pagan groups and regional organizations are listed. Groups are organized geographically except where they encompass the entire region. "Regional Organizations" refer to organizations which are predominately midwestern in nature, and consist of groups rather than individuals as members. "Student Organizations" are campus pagan groups. IV. OTHER GEOGRAPHICAL PAGAN INDICES These are other web pages, similar to the Midwestern Pagan FAQ, which list groups and events by geography or some other criterion. ====== Q: Can I get the FAQ even if I do not have Internet access? A: If you somehow lack email or web access, you can send a SASE to me and I will mail you everything I've got paper on about events in the Chicago area. Send either $0.78 in stamps, a large ( > 8 1/2 x 11) envelope with at least $0.78 in postage, or $1.00 in cash to: Aglaian Triad of Wicca P.O. Box 1662 Homewood, IL 60430-0662 PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL ME TO SEND YOU THIS INFO FOR FREE!! I cannot afford postage, the envelope, or the time to fill out an envelope. You have to send an SASE, stamps, or money to cover postage and envelope. Absolutely no other correspondence will be answered by mail. For a map to any of the locations on the FAQ, go to and use the FIND feature to display a map of these addresses (thanks to Panthea for this tip). ====== How to Get Your Group or Event Listed I am currently accepting listings for the entire states of Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri and Wisconsin. I am researching Minnesota as well and should shortly be adding that state. All pagan, wiccan and magickal groups are allowed in the listing. Page policy is currently not to list solitaries; you must be a group leader, even if your group is just in the formation stage. Also I cannot at this time list businesses (sorry), but bookstores in the Chicago area can currently get into my pagan-friendly bookstore listing, as long as you are in fact friendly to pagans. If you wish your group listed, you must provide your rough location and some kind of contact information. Provide a short synopsis of your group's approach. You must have physical meetings, inet-only groups are not appropriate for this list. The kind of contact information which is preferred: Best is a telephone number and/or email address. Postal address should be provided whether the other information is provided or not, to give people a fallback contact method. But my rules are flexible in this regard, my main concern is that you get listed in some fashion. At least one non-Internet contact point must be provided. We understand you may not want your telephone number listed, a request we will honor, but keep in mind that increasing numbers of people in our society no longer write letters (other than to pay bills) and a po box only may heavily restrict the number of contacts you receive. There is also some evidence of unreliability of post office mail delivery. Please keep me informed of open sabbats and other open events which your group has planned. In general, the more information you provide to me about your group, the more I dress up your listing, since you make it easier for me to spend my time on appearance when you give me good text to begin with. ====== PUSH vs. PULL: The priority on my information postings will be on information that gets PUSHED to me. In other words, if you have an event, and send me an email or something to the P.O. Box, it *WILL* get into the FAQ. But if you post it on your web page, and expect me to find out about it by routinely looking at your web page, there is a good chance I will not find out about it. The only publication I routinely "sync" to my web page is Bill Erbacher's _Pipes of Pan_. Keeping up this web page is an enormously time-consuming enterprise, so I would appreciate as much help as possible in making this web page possible. I do not usually have time to "surf" the web, I usually need to know exactly what I am looking for to justify the time invested. I occasionally do "PULL", or actively seek out information in passive sources. But it depends upon my schedule, and my schedule is increasingly difficult. So don't expect me to just "find out" about your group or event. Tell me! ====== BIG BAD BOLD-FACED DISCLAIMER: I do not usually research the practices of groups listed. I do not know their size, cannot verify the authenticity of traditions, do not always know much about the personalities involved. I generally, unless I have really good information from multiple sources to the contrary, take listings from *any and every* pagan, magickal, or wiccan organization, regardless of the good or bad I have heard about them. If you have a complaint about a group, I DO WANT TO HEAR ABOUT IT. If I hear more bad things from other individuals, I may take the action of dropping the group. But this should not be taken as a guarantee that the groups listed are all good folk. It is still your responsibility to take due caution when contacting any group. Another important point: though I am currently (1998) an officer with Covenant of the Goddess Greater Chicagoland Area Local Council, this web page is not a Covenant of the Goddess production! This web page is in no way supported by Covenant of the Goddess, it's policies are not in any way sanctioned by Covenant of the Goddess. All contents of the FAQ and email mailings on behalf of the FAQ are solely the responsibility of Jeffrey Benner. ====== Credits: Thanks to Bill E., _Pipes of Pan_, Ruthann A., Vicky C., Debbie S., Ted C., Eric R., Nikki P., Stan and Dori M, also _Circle Guide to Pagan Groups_, GeboFactor, Teresa L., Dan C.. Thanks to goddess Saraswati for the good ideas. Thanks to Aaron Salo (URL: for the "Question Head" animated graphic. ******************************************** This document is divided into the following sections: I. REGULAR EVENTS A. North side of Chicago B. South Suburban Chicago C. Northwest/West Suburban Chicago D. Regional Festivals E. DeKalb, Rockford, Illinois F. Other downstate Illinois G. Indiana H. Missouri I. Ohio J. Wisconsin K. Michigan L. Iowa II. IRREGULAR EVENTS CALENDAR (ALL MIDWEST) III. GROUPS, ORGANIZATIONS A. Regional Organizations B. Student Organizations C. North side of Chicago D. South Suburban Chicago E. Southwest Suburban Chicago F. West Suburban Chicago G. North/Northwest Suburban Chicago H. Downstate Illinois I. Northwest Indiana J. Central/Southern Indiana K. Missouri L. Ohio M. Wisconsin N. Iowa O. Michigan IV. OTHER GEOGRAPHICAL PAGAN INDICES ************************************************************ **************************I. REGULAR EVENTS **************** ************************************************************ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++A. North Side of Chicago++++++++++ Pagan Coffee Social and Drum Jam (PCS) [PCS News Release dated 1/8/98] Well, the bad news is in. Yo Mama's [the former PCS location] appears to have closed permanently - Jefferey's paintings have been removed, as have the notices in the windows. All that remains is the neon sign, and I suspect that that is hard-wired, so that Jefferey would need an electrician's help to remove it. This means that, until further notice, the Pagan Coffee Socials will be at Coffee Chicago, 5258 N. Broadway, Chicago, on the southwest corner of Broadway and Berwyn, 1/2 block west of the Berwyn stop on the red line. We will be looking for a bigger space for this, but we are constrained by the need to find a space that is pagan friendly, near all-night CTA lines and with reasonable on-street parking for those with cars. Runs 8:00 pm to closing, one Saturday a month (not the same Saturday as Pagan Social Night). Call Bill at (773) 878-9429, email for exact dates. Next PCS date(s): 4/11/98 5/9/98 6/6/98 7/11/98 8/15/98 9/12/98 10/10/98 11/14/98 12/5/98 *** The Javacrucian Conspiracy. Held every Wednesday Night at 10:00pm at the Melrose Restaurant at the corner of Belmont and Wilton in Chicago. It is held under the auspices of Aum.Ha Camp OTO, and is basically a Thelemic Coffee Hour, although all are welcome. A wide variety of persons attend on a regular basis, and its a good place to come meet members of Aum.Ha and also many other members of the magical community in Chicago. Contact for more info or call (312) 409-8376. *** Pagan's Night Out at Cafe Ashie, 5419 N. Clark Street. 8:00 pm to closing. Next Pagan's Night Out date(s): Apr. 25, 1998 May 16, 1998 Jun. 27, 1998 Jul. 25, 1998 Aug. 29, 1998 Sep. 26, 1998 [Note: No PNO in October - go to the New Witches Ball on Oct. 24 instead.] Nov. 28, 1998 Dec. 26, 1998 Contact Bill at (773) 878-9429, or (773) 878-4662, or via email at for more info. *** Chicago Downtown Pagan Lunch. Every Friday at 1:00 pm at Thai Star Cafe on Erie and State. Contact for more information. The Pagan Lunch now has a web page, at *** TEMPLE OF THE SACRED STONES has an open ritual schedule. For more information on contacting them see their North Side Group listing (below). All meetings start promptly at 8:00 pm in the temple. Please bring food or drink to share. A donation of $2.00 is requested. Please call (773) 525-9194 for more information. Their schedule is as follows: 04/30/98 Beltane 05/25/98 New Moon 06/21/98 Summer Solstice 07/23/98 New Moon 08/01/98 Lammas 08/21/98 New Moon 09/23/98 Autumn Equinox 10/20/98 New Moon 10/31/98 Samhain 11/18/98 New Moon 12/21/98 Yule *** Aum.Ha. Camp OTO Schedule (Chicago North Side) In addition to weekly informal Thelemic Coffee Hour (The Javacrucian Conspiracy), the following events are scheduled. <NO EVENTS SORRY!> This list is provided for informational purposes only. Some events are open only to Aum.Ha. members and their guests. Please contact the Camp at, or (312) 409-8376 for more information, including locations. All these events are also listed on the Aum.Ha. web page at Aum.Ha. cannot provide facilities nor be held responsible for your Luggage. Please make appropriate arrangements prior to attendance. *** Don Lewis Spirit Center (also Holy City Temple). Contact them at: phone: (312) 661-9124 Don Lewis Spirit Center currently meets at 4363 N. Lincoln, Chicago. *** C.O.R.P., the Coalition Of Rainbow Pagans The Coalition of Rainbow Pagans is a Chicago-area organization of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered neo-pagans. We just had a meeting of the executive committee (so to speak) of C O R P. We have decided to keep our monthly meeting aka educational forums on the second Sunday of each month, unless due to holiday conflictions. We will be meeting at Crooner's On Clark 5101 North Clark Street in Chicago at 7PM. People planning on attending any of the forums should plan on having dinner either before, during or after the meeting. Additional information on meetings and events can be obtained by calling the C O R P voicemail at 773-262-5629. Upcoming Meetings and Events: 04/12/1998. 7:00 p.m. Monthly meeting/educational forum at Crooners, 5101 N. Clark Street. *** The Pagan Cabaret -- entertainment, conversation, food & drink. Due to an unfortunately scheduling conflict, Pagan Cabaret will be held on an irregular and infrequent basis. If you wish to be put on our mailing list for notices on Pagan Cabaret and other events, please e-mail or call 773-880-2329. *** PALS Pagans of Alternative Lifestyles (PALS) is open to people of all lifestyles including BDSM, LesBiGay, transsexual, and/or polyamorous, and of any faith, wishing to learn and explore how ones spiritual beliefs and practices are affected by ones lifestyle. Call Rev. Scott Kirkland at 708-222-9584 for further information. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++B. South Suburban+++++++++++++++ The South Suburban Dinner Location: Cozy Corner Restaurant, 15919 Harlem Avenue, Tinley Park. The restaurant's phone number is 708-429-4111. Their location is the strip mall at the intersection of Harlem and 159th. We will be meeting in the big room at the back. Date: Third Monday of every month, except for conflicts with Moons, Festivals and mainstream holidays. You will note on the following schedule that dinner has been changed to fourth Monday on four dates due to be uncomfortably close to a Full Moon. There are no other conflicts that we could find. Schedule for next year: April 20, 1998 May 18, 1998 June 15, 1998 July 20, 1998 August 17, 1998 September 14, 1998 (second Monday) October 19, 1998 November 16, 1998 December 14, 1998 (second Monday) Time: 7:00 pm. For more information email This dinner is not sponsored by any group, circle, or tradition. All traditions welcome. Call 708-799-6474 if you want voice confirmation of the event. ========================================== Park Forest Unitarian Church CUUPS Full Moons Every Friday before the Full Moon, the Four Winds Chapter of CUUPS will meet at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Park Forest (or other locations based on need). Gather at 7:00 p.m., drumming at 7:30 p.m. This is a community drumming circle: all are welcome. Limited drums are available for beginners. This will mostly be a meditative drumming circle, although some ritual will be occasionally employed. A small pot luck to follow. If interested, please contact Robert or Michelle at 708-484-6496 or Gina at 708-754-2795 for more info. Their upcoming schedule: April 10, 1998 May 8, 1998 June 5, 1998 July 10, 1998 August 7, 1998 September 4, 1998 October 2, 1998 November 6, 1998 December 4, 1998 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++C. Northwest/WestSuburbs++++++++++++++++ West Suburban Wiccan Dinner. WEST SUBURBAN WICCAN DINNERS - 1998 This last season's DINNERS turned out quite well. Attendance is up, and most attendees keep coming back. There are still new people showing up every dinner. I'm sure that many more will attend in the following year. PURPOSE: furnish a 'neutral' and friendly place for Wiccans, Pagans (and interested others) to meet like others to have conversation, a little fun and relaxation, dinner or pie and coffee. PLACE: The place is the _CAFE 59_ in Warrenville. Their menu is good and their prices are pretty good, also. They also have a bar but Monday nights are pretty quiet. They are giving us our own area for the time being, and will let us use their banquet room if numbers allow. WHERE: Cafe 59 is located 1/4 mile North of Toll I-88 (East/West Tollway) on Rt. 59 (the West Naperville exit). The Cafe is on the west side of 59. WHEN: We will be meeting on the FIRST Monday of the month, at 7:30 PM. This works out to the following dates: May 4, 1998 Jun. 1, 1998 Jul.13, 1998 2nd Mon., won't interfere w/holiday weekend Aug. 3, 1998 Sep.14, 1998 2nd Mon., won't interfere w/holiday weekend Oct. 5, 1998 Nov. 2, 1998 Dec. 7, 1998 DONATION: PLEASE bring a can of food to be donated to local organizations. QUESTIONS: Coven Tir Non Og call Guthrum at; (630) 554-6064 P.O. box 5603 Aurora, Il. 60507 E-Mail; *** The CIRCLE, Countryside Unitarian Universalist Church, Palatine, Illinois. The CIRCLE, at Countryside Unitarian Universalist Church in Palatine, holds an open Drumming Circle on the first Friday of every month. Gathering at 7:30pm and beginning at 8:00pm. Upcoming dates: <NO MORE EVENTS SORRY!> Contact Jamie Tomaino at 847-359-1343 for more information. Bring a food or beverage item to share. The Church is located at 1025 N. Smith Rd., Palatine, IL 60067 (North of Northwest Highway, South of Dundee Road) *** Golden Spiral Bookstore New Moon Circle. Arlington Heights, Illinois. Beginning in September 1997, we will be hosting monthly informal gatherings at each New Moon. Tentative days are the Wednesday evenings immediately following each New Moon, from 7 pm to 9 pm. The first Circle will be held on September 3rd, 1997. New Moon Circles are open to all who wish to join us. Participation in any of the rituals, events, discussions or projects is, of course, voluntary. Refreshments relating to the season or "Moon" will be available. For the New Moon in December 1997, we will meet on the following Tuesday evening so as to avoid meeting on New Year's Eve. Although there is no fee for the New Moon Circles, donations to help with the cost of food and materials are much appreciated. The Golden Spiral Bookstore is located at 205 South Arlington Heights Road, Arlington Heights, IL 60005. Call them at 1-800-357-2719. +++++++++++++++D. Regional Festivals++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Pan-Pagan Festival, sponsored by Midwest Pagan Council. Held in northern Indiana, near Plymouth, Indiana, typically in August. Contact Midwest Pagan Council (see below) for more information. Information on the upcoming Pan Pagan Festival: August 12-16, 1998. Northwest Indiana. Pan Pagan Festival RATES: Pre-Registration $60 for Adults Children 5-13 yrs: $20 On Site: $75 for Adults Children 5-13 yrs: $27.50 Saturday Day Rate: $45 Children: $15 Family Plan - Pre-Registration: $145 On Site: $190 The adult rates include a $15 refund for all participants who show up for their work duty. Electrical Hook-up (Limited number) $25.00 Pre-Reg $30 On-site Pre-Registration Rate T-Shirts (Information will be available after January 1998) For Information call (708) 795-9660 (no collect calls) The campsite does not be open for camping before: Tuesday, August 11, 1997 and an extra nights camping with run $8.50 per family unit (consisting of 2 Adults and 1-2 children) Make Your check/money order (U.S. funds) payable to & mail to: Midwest Pagan Council P.O. Box 160 Western Springs, IL 60558-0160 +++ Invocation. This is a hotel-based festival in the Chicagoland west suburban area. Next one will be held: October 9-11, 1998. Lisle, Illinois. INVOCATION II hotel name: Hyatt Lisle Join us for Workshops & Rituals as people from various Magickal Traditions come together again to share knowledge in the hope that all might grow and our community prosper from this shared experience. Browse the Bizarre' Bazaar and "shop til u drip" or view the offering of aesthetic delight in our Art Show. Pre-Registration is $20 per adult. Make Your check/money order (U.S. funds) payable to & mail to: Midwest Pagan Council P.O. Box 160 Western Springs, IL 60558-0160 Or check our web site at: +++ Circle Spirit Gatherings. Upcoming dates: NO INFORMATION AVAILABLE Contact for more information. Phone (608) 924-2216, or write Circle Sanctuary, P.O. Box 219, Mt. Horeb, WI 53572. Or visit their web page at +++ Lothlorien Nature Sanctuary. Hosted by Elflore Family, many, many events take place here, too many to mention in this FAQ. Suffice it to say there are at least two events every single month at this time of year. Near Bloomington, Indiana. Upcoming major Elf Lore events: April 24-26, 1998. "Community Connections Conclave" May 21-25, 1998. "Fertile Earth Folk Gathering" June 19-21, 1998. "Astral Arts & Music Festival" July 10-12, 1998. "Magical Family Weekend" July 31-August 2, 1998. "Light Hearted Celebration of Elf Lore" September 17-20, 1998. "Autumntide Harvest Retreat" October 30-November 1, 1998. "All Hallows Masquerade Festival" For contact information see Central/Southern Indiana Groups, Elf Lore Family, in this FAQ. Send them 2 stamps to cover postage. +++ ConVocation. Held in a hotel in Southfield, Michigan (near Detroit). Next one in 1999, probably in February. Contact,, or write: M.E.C.C.A. - Con Vocation Committee PO Box 7727 Ann Arbor, MI 48107-7727 See their very informative web pages at or Their phones are (248) 548-7639 or (313) 761-1137. +++ Ozark Avalon, a Pagan land sanctuary near Columbia, Missouri Summary : Pagan land sanctuary, 25 miles from Columbia, Missouri. 150 acres, three acre lake, sweat lodge site, small cave, level camping area, water lines, outdoor showers. Gatherings are drug free. May attend without camping on the land. Children welcome, child care available. Must pre-register, on-site registration requires prior approval. Registration confirmation and maps mailed several weeks prior to event. Work-exchange available. Detail: Located on the bluffs overlooking the Missouri River, Ozark Avalon is comprised of 180 acres of groves, woods, and meadows. A three acre lake for swimming and canoeing, and established sweat lodge site, a small cave, and many natural shrines are found here. The rustic nature of the site preserves the integrity of the natural environment, though concessions to comfort (such as water lines, a level camping area, and showers) have been made. Because we like to create our own altered states through ritual and spirtual practices, our gatherings here are drug free. Since 1990, Ozark Avalon has been host to several annual Pagan gatherings, now averaging 6-8 per year. Our focus here is Shamanistic Nature Magic. We work with the spirits of nature through a variety of traditional earth centered religious and magical systems. We draw most heavily from northern hemisphere cultures located in similar terrains, and traditions since plant and animal life, seasons and terrain tend to be similar. Wicca, Native American, Faerie, and Norse practices woven with classical energy work underpin our ritual construction. Our focus is for earth healing and tending with a deep respect for ourselves as powerful forces in the natural world. Our tools tend to be nature objects, with the directly gathered and handcrafted items being most valued. Deep ecology, bio-regionalism, Jungian psychology, the Gaia Hypothesis and energy physics are sources of the philosophical development of our concepts of deity and magic. For more information on festivals at Ozark Avalon, please point your WWW browser at, or send email to Walking Stick at Other contact methods: Mail: Ozark Avalon, PO Box 12, Columbia, MO 65205 Call: Tom: 816-882-6418 Main web page: An upcoming Ozarks Avalon event: Thaet Angelseaxisce Ealdriht Hlafmaest July 31, August 1, and 2, 1998 at Ozark Avalon near Columbia, Missouri Hlfmst... the wheat has just been harvested and the pastures are now open for grazing. The first loaves of the new wheat are being baked. It is a time sacred to Sibb (Sif) wife of Thunor (Thor), and a time of Alings. It is a time of harvest, and fri, and the creation of community law. That is as it was for the ancient Heathens. Thus it is that on July 31, 1998, that Angelseaxisce Ealdriht hosts its first national gathering. Blts, symbels, and feast... The weekend will feature several rites to the gods, a grand symbel, and a feast Saturday night. In addition, there will be maze dancing, a "ritual sauna," as well as an "Edda Vacation School" for the kids. Workshops... There will be workshops on aspects of ritual, Wyrd, the runes, seir, as well as discussion circles on various topics. Games... The first ever "Anglo-Saxon Games" will take place, as well as other fun activities including tafl, dancing, and merriment. Crafts... There will be craft workshops and displays and a crafts competition. Special Guests... Frigga's Web will be the special guests at this gathering....holding their annual meeting at the Hlfmst. How to Register... Early registration (prior to June 1, 1998) is $25 for individuals, $35 for families (kindred discounts and work exchange for registration fees are available upon request. Please contact us for details). Email Swain at or check the Eladriht Home Page for more details. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- +++ The Earth Conclave, Inc., hosts pagan festivals in Wisconsin. They can be contacted at: URL: email: snail mail: The Earth Conclave, Inc. PO Box 14377, Madison, WI 53714-0377 voice/fax:(608)244-9443; also Rae or Math at 608-244-4488 For notification on upcoming Earth Conclave sponsored events, send your name and mailing address (please include your full [9 digit] zip code) to the above email address. Upcoming Earth Conclave events: HONORING THE CO-CREATORS OF OUR WORLD: ELEMENT April 9-12, 1998 The magic of rocks, soil, water, fire, lava, gases, our environment. The elements represent more than directions and emotional equivalents, It is time to explore them and honor their place in our traditions, practices and lives. How do we each experience the elements? Why are the directions important, what difference do they make? How do Earth, Air, Fire, and Water influence our spirituality or magical work? What ethics or etiquette apply? Know any good songs? PAGAN KITH AND KIN SUMMER CONCLAVE. June 23-28, 1998 The second of what may become an annual event, celebrating our multigenerational community, experiencing our cultural diversity, and sharing our traditions and experiences. A camping event held in south central Wisconsin. Program includes children's and young people's workshops, healers collective discussions, a common ground cafe, and lots of fun. HONORING THE CO-CREATORS OF OUR WORLD: FAERY, Fall, 1998 Are we alone or do we share our plant with seldom seen beings, who live on some other plane or within the Multiverse? Do they come across to aid, torment or delight humans? Do the myths and legends of faries, faerys, sprits, nixies, unicorns, efin, dyrads, draons, gargoyles, angels, etc. have any bases in fact or history? Why does this lore touch us in what seems a profound way unlike many other legends. What brings these myths into almost every culture and country? Who are they, how does their presence change our world, what has the richness of their images done to our stories, magick and spirit.. +++ WITCHSTOCK Northeastern Ohio. Next one will be held around Lammas 1998(?) This event is held on 51 private acres of land. Primitive camping, swimming, musical entertainment, with a pavillion for gathering and meeting like-minded folks. Ritual to celebrate LAMMAS will be Friday evening. Contact us at HARVEST MOON HAVEN 215 High St. Fairport Harbor, Ohio 44077 or call us at 216-639-9547. See their web page: Or email them: +++++++++++++++E. DeKalb, Rockford, Illinois+++++++++++++ Northern Illinois University events - Every Monday at 7:30 pm Northern Illinois University's (NIU's) Pagan Awareness Association Pagan Bible-Study group meets in the Center Cafe of the Holmes Student Center. The group explores the historical and literary insights into Bible meaning. The discussion focuses on exploding fundamentalist, literal interpretations that often promote intolerance, anger and even violence against Pagans. For more information, contact Beth at (815) 754-4722 or Nikki at (815) 895-9304 (email - Every Thursday at 9:00 pm NIU's Pagan Awareness Association holds open meetings on the NIU campus, DuSable building, room 204A. Committees report on progress and floor is opened to the discussion topic. For more information, contact Beth at (815) 754-4722 or Nikki at (815) 895-9304 (email +++++++++++++++F. Other downstate Illinois++++++++++++++++++ Springfield, Illinois. Edge of Perception Collective features regular events in the Springfield area. The following events are coming up: May 2, 1998 - Beltane June 6-13, 1998 - Week Between the Worlds (Diana's Grove) June 27, 1998 - Summer Solstice August 8, 1998 - Lammas Events usually have drumming and socializing at 6:30 p.m., and the ritual begins at 7:00 p.m. Events are usually held at the Lake Springfield Beach House. Directions: Take I-55 to the Stevenson/East Lake Drive Exit. Turn left (east) onto East Lake Drive. Follow around the lake until you see the sign for Henson Robinson Zoo (Center Park). Turn right into the park and follow road to second right. Take the right and follow around curve to Beach House. Please remember that we are collecting non-perishable food items throughout the year to donate to the local food pantry as a way of giving back to the larger community. All events sponsored by the Edge of Perception are drug and alcohol free and wheelchair accessible. For complete information about these events please write to: The Edge of Perception Collective P.O. Box 1424 Springfield, IL 62705-1424 or call (217) 523-4225 ++ Carbondale, Illinois Universal Spirituality is a community-based discussion group on all Pagan and New Age beliefs, practices and experiences. Weekly meetings. Contact for more information: Tara Nelsen, 602 N. Michaels, Carbondale, IL 62901. ++ Normal, Illinois; Pagan Night Out Mystic Link is sponsoring a Pagan Night Out. Event to be held every Thursday evening at The Coffeehouse, 114 E. Beaufort, Normal, IL. The purpose of the gathering is Pagan fellowship and sharing featuring a Pagan writers and storytellers circle in addition to general conversation. There is no charge for the event. The Coffeehouse has wonderful treats which participants may purchase. Writers will eventually have works published in a forthcoming newsletter (later in '98). All are welcome to join us. More information? Email: Phone: (309) 829-8898 Postal mail: Mystic Link 1206 Towanda Plaza, #4 Bloomington, IL 61701 +++++++++++++++G. Indiana++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Hobart. Pagan circle. Open rituals nearest Saturday to the Sabbat at 7:00 pm, First Unitarian Church of Hobart, IN. Circles are indoors, park behind church. Kids are always welcome, but those under 18 should bring a parent, or have a parent talk to Pat or Nancy. Bring your own cup or chalice, and come as you are. Come celebrate the turning of the Wheel with us! Future Hobart pagan circle events: - May Day Ritual Saturday May 2 at 7:00 pm. For more info, e-mail or write: Padraigin Raghailligh P.O. Box 5531 Lake Station, In 46405 +++ Hammond/Whiting Indiana. David Spellsinger's Center for the Arts of Wisdom sponsors a number of free events in northwest Indiana. The following is their schedule of events: 04/11/98 - 8pm - Full Moon Ritual 04/13/98 - 9pm - Never the Burning 05/01/98 - 9pm - Beltene 05/04/98 - 9pm - Festival of Cerridwen 05/11/98 - 9pm - Full Moon Ritual 05/18/98 - 9pm - Festival of Cernnunos 06/21/98 - 8pm - Summer Solstice The Center is located at 1604 119th Street, Whiting, Indiana. For more information call (219) 659-8513 or (219) 473-1637. +++ Indianapolis Pagan Lunch. At the Abbey Coffeehouse, corner of College and Mass Ave, Indianapolis. Sponsored by Wyrd House, this is a monthly get-together and meeting. 12:30 pm. Schedule: April 17, 1998 See Central/Southern Indiana Groups, Wyrd House, for more contact information. +++++++++++++++H. Missouri++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ See Tom Chapin's excellent web page on Missouri pagan events: http://Walden.MO.NET/~tjc/stlpag/calendar.html +++++++++++++++I. Ohio++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ --PCCO Events-- All of the following events are sponsored by the Pagan Community Council of Ohio. For more information about the PCCO contact them at: email: snail: P.C.C.O. P.O. Box 82089 Columbus, OH 43202-0650 phone: (614) 261-1022 + April 2nd and 30th - PCCO Outreach meetings - call 614-261-1022 for information. April 14th and 28th - PCCO Publications meetings - call 614-261-1022 for information. April 16th - Money Magick Round Table Discussion - call 614-261-1022 for location and time. October 29th - Cans, not Candy - PCCO members will be collecting cans of food on Beggar's Night for donation to local food banks. (This idea may be taken and used by other groups. Please do - last year we collected over 500 cans of food which were split between the Native American Resource Center and the Clintonville/Beechwold Resource Center.) GATHERINGS THE GREENING May 22-25 Memorial Day Weekend Wisteria Do you ever wish that you could step through a doorway to another time? Another place? Enter a whole new world removed from the cares of worries of day to day life? Maybe you can, at The Greening. Join the PCCO in celebrating the return of life and fertility to the land this year on Memorial Day weekend May 22-25 at Wisteria in Southeast Ohio. This year we will be seeing some new growth in this seven year old event. By having it Memorial Day weekend we can look forward to better weather, certainly warmer nights(Although it was fun to cuddle on those chilly early May nights) and we can focus on some of the special community bonding activities that we have not been able to in the past because of the shortness of the weekend. So what is the Greening? In times of old around the May bonfires young lovers would disappear into the shadows and in the green grass make love to celebrate the return of life to the land after a long Winter. They called this "greening", for they would consummate their love in the green, and in the name of the Green Man. This spirit of love, this spirit of life creation is at the heart of the Greening. Join us as special guests will be Ian Corrigan and Liafal, special friends from many PCCO events in the past coming to be with us at the Greening. This is their first time visiting Wisteria, so we wish to give them a rousing welcome. Ian of course is Vice Arch Druid and Bard of ADF/Celtic High Priest/author of Book of the Dragon and is one of the prime architects of dynamic liturgical innovation amongst the Druid community. Ian of course is a Bard of great note in the finest sense, and perhaps-just perhaps, if we twist his arm a little he might play his guitar and sing for us! Liafal has been active in the community for more than twenty years. Her background is traditionalist Wicca and she has been Members Advocate in ADF. Liafal has been a teacher all of her life both to the children of her community as well as the Pagan community. She is active in the Covenant of the Goddess and in many other aspects of the Pagan community. She and Ian both every year as part of the Association for Consciousness Exploration help to put on Starwood one of the countries largest and most well known festivals. We are also delighted to have Rhythm Quest at the Greening. What can I say about Rhythm Quest that I haven't said before? That they are the best instructors of percussion that I have ever seen? That they are consummate professionals who bond to the spiritual energy of percussion and become one with the drum? Sean Kelly of Music Scene summed it up this way: "The retro quality of these boys is a retro of the soul. The first thing we humans sense is our mother's heartbeat, and Rhythm Quest takes that point personally. It is very easy to compare this music to Grateful Dead drum circles - but like all matters of soul searching it is also very easy to miss the point. What makes Rhythm Quest unparalleled at what they do is their baffling ability to drop in and out of time with each other. There is a spiritual point of no return when drumming, and this is a place difficult to describe with words. When a drummer gets there the hands do not feel the drum skins and the arms are flailing madly but feel nothing strenuous. The head goes light and breathing drops to a bare minimum. It is moving meditation."" Rhythm Quest in addition to performing will be offering two workshops for advanced and serious drummers for honing their techniques. There will be a modest $10.00 fee for these workshops(payable at the workshop), but believe me you will get much more than what you pay for. Rhythm Quest's approach to teaching focuses on the individual, the community, and the integration of the two. This idea comes from a place of respect and vision; respect for a growing American tradition and a vision of strength in communities based on that diversity. Through focusing on individuality, Rhythm Quest continues to develop new ways to communicate techniques to students of all ages, from all walks of life. These techniques include posture, precise drum voices, ambidexterity, and rhythm theory. The two workshops they will give will both incorporate a combination of the following workshop definitions. One workshop will focus on the djembe, ashico and congas. The second will focus on the frame drum, darabouka and dumbek. "EXPLORING YOUR VOICE IN THE DRUM." This workshop focuses on the precise conjuring of the voices of the drums and explores concepts such as posture, neutral hand positions, breathing, relaxation, articulation, and projection. "AMBIDEXTERITY: THE PROCESS OF MUSCLE MEMORY" is the second in the Tools to techniques workshop series that focuses on the somatic ability to play combinations of voices. We present a series of exercises designed to activate both sides of the brain and both sides of the body. These exercises include triplets, paradiddles, flams, changing lead hands, and a concept called the "flow". We are also glad to welcoming the returning troubadour Victoria Parks after a transformative year. Her song styles reflect versatility as her material ranges from historical ballads, original and traditional, including songs from the Maine coast, Civil War, to humorous originals. Her humor always delivers a strong degree of pathos mixed with social irony. She unabashedly expresses her love of folk rock. Besides her ballads, her other song styles are born of personal experience or inspiration, and often originate from an alternative perspective. She has tremendous respect for history as is evident in the content of ballads like Conquistador and Banks of the Kennebec but feels just as comfortable in the present relating a simple experience to her audience as with Warm Is the Light. It can't be denied that traditional Celtic music is strongly suited to Victoria. Its movement, melodic lines and phrasing, seem to be natural to her musical sensibilities. "The music I write comes from a multitude of American origins and still does but I have to emphasize my love of traditional Celtic music." Victoria's debut CD. SURE FEEL'S LIKE HOME is an anthology collection reflecting both her love of traditional and modern folk styles. It represents over 10 years of her best song writing. She calls it "folk with conviction by a girl from Cleveland. She writes music topical to the present even if she may sing about the past. Her song ideas have universal appeal and some brilliant social humor. Victoria is truly unique and puts on a dramatic and sparkling performance whenever she plays. We'll also be welcoming Rivendell back after triumphant appearance at last years Summerset and our recent Celtic Culture Festival. Rivendell-which is a five-piece modern Celtic folk/rock group which is primarily acoustic, very vocal and lyric-oriented, with prominent Wiccan/Pagan themes, featuring original material. Rivendell's members are: Bree Chapman - lead vocals and percussion Eric Chapman - 6- & 12-string acoustic guitar, mandolin, vocals and percussion Erich Schweickart - 6- & 12-string acoustic guitar and vocals Paul Ravenscraft - percussion, acoustic bass, acoustic guitar and vocals Gregory Morris - violin, mandolin, acoustic guitar and vocals. Also returning are Wicker Man the amazing folk guitar duo consisting of Heethen Kincaid our genuine Action Hero and his sparing partner Flip. Watch these two as they shut up and play the guitar! Also appearing at the Greening after a recent appearance at our Celtic Culture Festival is Mummer's Wren. Mummer's Wren is a musical duo which features original and traditional American and European folk music. But that doesn't tell the story, they can make you laugh with bawdy ballads and make you cry with plaintive paeans all in just a few short minutes. And wait till you hear Emily sing "Dead Egyptian Blues"! Mummer's Wren is: Gregory Morris - voice, guitar, fiddle, mandolin and percussion. Emily Baehr - voice, concertina, recorder and percussion. We will also be having a new band Full Gael, those of you familiar with Pagan music will remember half of this band Dwight Newton from when he was with Todd Alan and the Quest, the other half is his lovely wife Christine Walsh-Newton. Look for their Celtic style performances with old Pagan standards given new life. This year look for a special opening and clsoing ritual to be presented courtesy of our friends from Green Dome Temple from the Cincinnati area. We are very happy to have them sharing with us some of their special magic. For the main ritual we are having Ecstatic Earth Tribe doing the honors, they promise to bring us their unique blend of dramaturgy and thaumaturgy. We will never look at a maypole the same way. Look for all this 10-15 workshops and much much more at the Greening! ABOUT THE SITE-Wisteria Those of you who attended Summerset last year or PSG are very familiar with this site. A sprawling 600 acres of reclaimed strip mining land in the heart of Ohio Appalachia, Wisteria represents a dream like Pagan effort to forge a Pagan gathering place to draw people from around the world. Already growing, the site is anticipated to have a new shower house and other improvements before the Greening. However, it is NOT connected to the power grid at this time, and pets are still NOT permitted. We ask that people attending respect the land, because it is a precious gift to all of us. Make sure you bring your camping gear, because this is a camping event. OTHER SPECIAL EVENTS AT THE GREENING This year we are going a step beyond our usual PCCO potluck we are having the First Annual Pagan Cook Off, so we invite you to bring your best for competeition. The categories are: *Best Entree *Best Side Dish *Best Dessert The winners and runners up will be invited to submit their recipes to be included in the PCCO Pagan Cookbook as well as some ver y special prizes. The beauty is that YOU will be the judge of the best cookery. So dust off your cookwear, and bring your best to the Greening! THE GREENING P.O. Box 82089 Columbus, Oh. 43202 (614)261-1022 Name_______________________________________________ Address____________________City___________Zip________ Phone__________________E-mail_______________________ Pre-Registered __$25.00 Members __$40.00 Non-Members At The Gate __$40.00 Members __$55.00 Non-Members __$10.00 Children under 18 __$15.00 Merchant Fee *CHILDREN MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY PARENT/LEGAL GUARDIAN *MERCHANT FEE IN ADDITION TO ADMISSION FEE. As always your two hours of your time volunteering is part of the price of admission. Apart from helping to create a shared sense of community, it helps us keep the prices so low! Visit us on the World Wide Web! The Pagan Community Council of Ohio An Educational Organization Promoting Religious Diversity and Freedom Federally Recognized and All Volunteer PCCO P.O. Box 82089 Columbus, Ohio, 43202 (614)261-1022 === end of THE GREENING listing === Summerset - September 4-7th This Labor Day weekend event returns to Wisteria to close the Summer festival season. As always we look forward to seeing old friends and new at this event were we wish farewell to Summer. Still lining up guests and music, if interested please contact PCCO. Shadowmas - October 9-11th Returning to Camp Wyandotte - Special guests will be Gavin and Yvonne Frost - This site has upgraded their cabins to include heat in many of the cabins. Join us in remembering our ancestors and honoring those who have passed on before us. WinterFire - December 11-13 This event returns to Glen Helen Nature Center near Yellow Springs. RythymQuest will be conducting drumming workshops and providing the lead in drumming the Sun back through the night. Watch for more information. ----------------------- RELIGIOUS FREEDOM DAY - June 7th 1998 The Vigil begins at 2 pm at the Ohio State House - Join with PCCO in remembering those who have been persecuted for holding opposing ideas about religion. Hear speakers from many different religions. Currently PCCO is meeting on every other Thursday at present - Call the hotline (614)261-1022 to find out where we are meeting. =============================== =============================== --Other Ohio Events-- Harvest Moon Haven's Full Moon Circle is held on an "Herb Farm" in Northeastern Ohio on the weekend closest to the Full Moon each month. Generally, they will be held on Saturday evenings. We welcome those of like-mind to contact us here at Harvest Moon Haven at 216-639-9547. See their web page: Or email them: +++ Toledo, Ohio. LIGHT current events: Contact LIGHT at: homepage: snail: APEP P.O. Box 4736 Toledo, Ohio 43610 phone: (419)255-3929 email contacts: +++ Toledo, Ohio. The CAW Nest Spirit Weavers has a full calendar of events. Go to their calendar at +++ Cleveland, Ohio. Check out the wonderful Cleveland Area Pagan Happenings calendar at: +++ Columbus, Ohio. After several months of meeting in varied locations, PCCO will be returning to the old MoonSpinner's site - which is now Hounddog Pizza. The meetings are currently on a weekly basis - Thursday, 7:30 pm. Hounddog Pizza is located at the intersection of Dodridge and N. High St. - north of campus, south of Clintonville; two blocks north of Hudson, one block south of Arcadia. email: +++++++++++++++J. Wisconsin++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Pagan Tea & Talk. Madison, Wisconsin. The third Friday of every month at Victor Allen's 2623 Monroe Street in Madison, at 7:00 pm. Come meet your fellow Pagans! Sponsored by StarSpring ProtoNest [StarSpring ProtoNest, c/o Oakwind, PO Box, 144, Mt. Horeb, WI 53572 Email Kyril Oakwind] StarSpring ProtoNest Semi-open Monthly Ritual. Near Madison, Wisconsin. The 4th Friday of every month drop in and celebrate together in the hills and forests west of Madison. See Pagan Tea & Talk event (above) for contact information. +++++++++++++++K. Michigan++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Full Moon Gathering. Kalamazoo, Michigan. 8-11 PM, People's Church on 10th Street, Kalamazoo. Generally on the calendar day of the Full Moon. For directions and/or date verification call (616) 345-6990. This is an open, public gathering attended not by Pagans only but a very good place for networking if you're new in town or looking for new friends. Bonfire in summer, concrete floor in winter(bring pillows). Drums and other musical instruments definitely invited. +++ Green Spiral. East Lansing, Michigan; Michigan State University Meetings every other Wednesday evening, starting January 14, in the MSU Union Purdue Room. Discussion topics and directions to MSU listed on the web page: For more information, email: +++++++++++++++L. Iowa++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Weaving Community: A Pagan Symposium Weaving Community is hosted around every April in Iowa City by Iowa Pagan Access Network (IPAN). Community discussion, ritual, merchants, games, and feasts are amongst the activities. Contact IPAN (see their listing under Regional Organizations) for more information. Next Weaving Community: Date: ???, 1999 Location: ??? For more information email or write IPAN, P.O. Box 861, Iowa City, IA 52244-0861 +++ Iowa Pagan Access Network (IPAN) Monthly Meetings IPAN will be holding monthly meetings the second Saturday of each month 1 - 3 p.m. in Iowa City. Call (319) 354-0549 for the location. ************************************************************** ************************ II. IRREGULAR EVENTS CALENDAR ****** ************************************************************** IMPORTANT NOTE: Events in this section are not the only events occurring. These events are events which do not fit into the "REGULAR EVENTS" format. Please check "REGULAR EVENTS" for the regular monthly and weekly events which can be found there. *** April 24-26, 1998. A group of men from the Chicago area will be travelling to Diana's Grove in Missouri for a "Men's Magical Weekend". The cost is $75 before March 24 - for an intense weekend celebrating shamans, warriors, lovers, and seekers! Talk to Curt Allred at (773) 777-2396 if you want to join the men attending. April 25, 1998. Nightfall Coven invites all to assist in the DeKalb County Adopt-A-Highway program. The Coven will be cleaning a 2 mile section of Old State. For more information call Chris Waterous (815) 754-4863. May 1, 1998. 7:00 p.m. Beverly, Illinois (Chicago, west side). Beltane celebration. "CUUPS in Beverly invite you to join us for a Ritual and Drumming Beltane celebration! . . . at the Beverly Unitarian Church at 103rd and Longwood in Chicago, we will share in the ancient festival marking the beginning of Summer and celebrating love, lust, and fertility. This (adult-themed!) Ritual will be led by Teresa Lynch, and will include a maypole dance on the front lawn, leaping the "bonfire," and a communal Feast...Please bring a dish or drink to share ("sexy" food is very appropriate, e.g, asparagus, strawberry tarts, melons...need I say more?!) and a blanket to sit on outside; flowers are also very appropriate - 'bring in the May!' Also, bring your drums and percussion toys for a spirited drum and dance circle to follow Ritual...Love offerings will be gratefully accepted, and everyone is welcome. We may be able to provide childcare - please call ahead if you need it. For questions, please contact Teresa at (773)233-3702 or ...Blessed Be!" May 1, 1998. 7:00 p.m. Rockford, Illinois. Earth & Sky Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans (CUUPS) Beltane Circle at Rockford Unitarian Universalist (UU) Church 4848 Turner Street. All are invited to come celebrate Beltane in a Wiccan-style circle. For more information leave a message for the CUUPS chapter at the church office (815) 398-6322 or email them at May 1, 1998. 12:00 noon to dusk. Carbondale, Illinois. Universal Spirituality Beltane celebration. "Rain or Shine! Open Beltaine Ritual and Potluck/BBQ to celebrate the fertility of the Season! This is an open, community celebration. Dogs, kids and friends welcome! Things to bring: - ribbon or piece of material at least 20 feet long and 3 inches wide; - food dish or grill items and drinks; - noise makers (drums, rattles, etc.); - lawn chairs (if you have them); - items for altars. May Pole Ritual Begins at 3:00 p.m. but come as early as 12:00 for swimming, music and fun! Sponsored by Universal Spirituality. Any questions call Tara at (618) 529-5029." May 2, 1998. Cary, Illinois (Chicago-area, north suburban). Covenant of the Goddess Beltane celebration. Probably 8:00 p.m. Space limited so call early; by invitation only. For invitation and further directions call (708) 799-6474, leave message. May 2, 1998. Foster Avenue Beach, Chicago. AHAIC's Beltane celebration. 7:00 p.m. drumming (if it is warm enough), 8 p.m. ritual - and we'll probably adjourn to Cafe Ashie afterward. Call Bill at (773) 878-9429 for details. May 2, 1998. 1:00 p.m to dusk. St. Paul, Minnesota. Covenant of the Goddess Northern Dawn Local Council Beltane, at Hidden Falls Park. Directions: The park is on the East Bank of the Mississippi River in St. Paul (behind the Ford Plant). Take Mississippi River Blvd. (River Road) either south from Ford Parkway or north from 7th Street/Highway 5 and look for a driveway descending from the street toward the River. There are two entrances - take the North one. Schedule of events: 1:00 p.m. workshops; 3:00 p.m. children's ritual; 4:00 p.m. Beltane ritual; Feast and Drumming to follow. What to bring: Lots of flowers, colorful scarves for waving about, food or drink for pot luck, eating utensils, musical instruments, $3.00 donation to cover costs. (No one is turned away for lack of funds.) For more information call the Northern Dawn phone at (612) 458-7815. May 7, 1998. 7:30 p.m. -- 9:00 p.m. DeKalb, Illinois. Kishwaukee Valley Pagan Alliance Herd of Cats Dinner. Location: The Bean Hut, 930 Pappas Drive, DeKalb (across the street from the 7-11, on Annie Glidden Road). For more information contact the Pagan Alliance at (815) 895-9304. May 10, 1998. 8:00 p.m. Rockford, Illinois. Earth & Sky Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans (CUUPS) Full Moon Circle at Rockford Unitarian Universalist (UU) Church 4848 Turner Street. Call ahead for room number, or show up and listen for the activity. This is a Wiccan-style circle, led by a priest and priestess. Parts of the ritual include: opening, purification of the elements, calling the quarters, invocation and blessing, and a closing. For more information leave a message for the CUUPS chapter at the church office (815) 398-6322 or email them at May 27, 1998. 7-8 p.m. Chicago, Illinois. Francesca De Grandis, author of _Be A Goddess! A Guide to Celtic Spells and Wisdom for Self-Healing, Prosperity, and Great Sex_, will be doing an author appearance at the Barnes and Noble bookstore at 659 W. Diversey (call the bookstore at 773-871-9004). Francesca can be contacted via email at May 31, 1998. Chicago, Illinois. 11:00 a.m. to dusk. The Second Annual EcHo (Eclectic-Holistic) Pagan Picnic will again be held at Grove #1 of La Bagh Woods. La Bagh Woods is north of Cicero and Foster. The entrance is off of Cicero; follow the bridge over Edens Highway. We plan to have a Potluck table, a Greeting Circle, Song/Chant Singalong, Herb Walk and Drumming (bring your instruments). For further information call 773-463-5688. June 5, 1998. Beverly, Illinois (Chicago-area, near west suburban). Full Moon and drumming ritual. Theme: "Walk the Tree of Life: An Experiential Qabalistic Journey." For more information call Teresa Lynch at (773) 233-3702 or email her at June 5-7, 1998. Green Bay, Wisconsin. First annual Modern Medieval Faire. Welcoming the Summer - PreSolstice fest. Outside and around the Witches Brew store. Wide variety of vendors and activities, including feast on Saturday. Free to the public. For more information contact Witches' Brew & Extras at (920) 437-6988. June 26-28, 1998. Northwest Indiana, Tippecanoe State Park. "A Midsummer's Night Dream", hosted by Woodland Circles. "A gathering of circles to continue the dream . . . Join us for a 3-day Wiccan fest . . . to realize Summer's dream. Your entrance fee of only $45.00 includes all meals plus cabins for sleeping accommodations. (Children 5 and under are free; those 6-15 are only $15.00 to cover expenses.) No merchant fees required. This beautiful wooded setting will lend itself to a sharing of energies. Friday evening will include a "meet-and-greet" party to springboard the community spirit we're striving to achieve. Unfortunately, the park rules are 'no pets allowed'." For more information call 219-473-9675 or write P.O. Box 626, Whiting, IN 46394. July 10, 1998. Beverly, Illinois (Chicago-area, near west suburban). Full Moon and drumming ritual. For more information call Teresa Lynch at (773) 233-3702 or email her at July 18-19, 1998. Chicago, Illinois. Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki Dolores Ashcroft Nowicki will be teaching a workshop titled, "Soul Retrieval: Shadow of Your Past," at the Carleton of Oak Park, July 18-19, from 10 AM to 4 PM. Registration is $100 by May 1, $125 by May 30 and $145 by July 15. Payable by check or money order to "Harvest Moon". Contact Deena Butta at (773) 478-4763 for more information. July 25, 1998. St. Paul, Minnesota. Covenant of the Goddess Northern Dawn Local Council Lammas. For more information call the Northern Dawn phone at (612) 458-7815. August 7, 1998. Beverly, Illinois (Chicago-area, near west suburban). Full Moon and Drumming Ritual. Theme: "Celebration of the Harvest". For more information call Teresa Lynch at (773) 233-3702 or email her at August 7-9, 1998. Kankakee River State Park (northern Illinois). Skylight Fest. COME CAMP OUT UNDER THE STARS and watch the meteor shower in Kankakee River State Park. Friday night August 7th join us for a Full Moon ritual as we watch the partial eclipse. Drumming will occur Saturday night August 8th. Contact Sarsen at 847-203-9295. August 12-16, 1998. Northwest Indiana. Pan Pagan Festival. See Festivals listing for more information. October 9-11, 1998. Lisle, Illinois (Chicago-area). INVOCATION II See Festivals listing for more information. October 24, 1998. North side of Chicago. AHAIC New Witches Ball. Details TBA. Contact Bill at (773)878-9429. October 24, 1998. St. Paul, Minnesota. Covenant of the Goddess Northern Dawn Local Council Samhain. For more information call the Northern Dawn phone at (612) 458-7815. October 1998 (date unknown). Chicago, Illinois. Lady Olivia Robertson, co-founder of the Fellowship of Isis, will be in Chicago. An FOI gathering is planned for a weekend in October including a possible Labyrinth Walk, production of The Mystery of Eleusis, and reception for Lady Olivia. Contact Deena Butta at (773) 478-4763 for more information. April 16-18, 1999. Gaia Fest '99: A Council for Sacred Earth. Called in preparation of the 21st century. To be held in the Chicago-area at the Hyatt Regency, Oakbrook. 50 presentations, workshops, rituals, panel discussions. Nationally acknowledged elders, favorite authors and presenters. Friday evening cocktail party, followed by a concert. Saturday evening Banquet, followed by our gala Costume Ball. Hospitality suite and merchant area. We have arranged for a block of 200 rooms. For more info, contact GAIA FEST '99, 1300 W. Belmont, #300, Chicago, IL 60657; or call 773-880-2329; or e-mail: ************************************************************ ************************* III. GROUPS, ORGANIZATIONS ******* ************************************************************ A. Regional organizations ----------------------- Covenant of the Goddess Greater Chicagoland Area Local Council (GCALC), P.O. Box 1662, Homewood IL 60430-0662. Phone (708) 799-6474, see their web page at or email A Local Council of the well-known national Wiccan organization, in the Chicago area it is a network of three covens and several solitaries. * Midwest Pagan Council. P.O. Box 160, Western Springs, IL 60558. Call (708) 795-9660. A group of about half a dozen Chicago-area suburban and northwest Indiana covens, they are best known for sponsoring the annual Pan-Pagan Festival (in August). Other events include the Invocation gathering in October (first one will be held in 1997), annual Rites of Spring in March (on the west side of Chicago), and the pre-Pan-Pagan PPF-Nic in July. They own land for pagan use in northwest Indiana. Check out their web page at +++ +++ Iowa Pagan Access Network (IPAN). Contact at IPAN, P.O. Box 861, Iowa City, IA 52244-0861. Email Official web page: More on IPAN: IPAN is a combination network listings and newsletter for people from Goddess centered and/or Earth based spiritual traditions. Our goal is to provide a medium for building community and helping Pagans from all over Iowa and surrounding states connect with each other. The network is open to individuals, groups and organizations from Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota and North Dakota. IPAN is coordinated by a consensus based volunteer collective. All monies collected go to the expenses of the organization. The newsletter and network listings are published eight times annually, in time for each of the Wiccan Sabbats. The deadline for subbmission and listings is three weeks before the sabbat. IPAN - Member Listings The listings include the name and way to contact each person, organization, or business and a description. There are three types of memberships: public (name and address published -- no home addresses please), confidential (name listed, contact care of IPAN), and unlisted (receives newsletter but is not listed). If you don't have a PO box, we encourage you to select a confidential listing. We will forward mail for confidential members, but we may ask for a postage reimbursement. Each member must sign an agreement that they will respect the privacy and rights of other members and not divulge (copy or otherwise distribute) the listings (or info from) to any non-members. Listing types include: *individual(s) (including couples/families listed together), *business (service, stores, publications, etc.), and *organizations (collectives, covens, discussion groups, circles, etc.). Organizations providing contact number or address can also be listed in the newsletter. To Join, send the agreement form (email and i'll gladly send you a copy) with your membership contribution to IPAN, PO Box 861, Iowa City, IA 52244-0861. You should enclose a SASE for our reply, your name (magical or legal), your mailing address, phone number, and listing description of about 50 words or less. (we will only publish address and phone if you wish, but we still need the information for IPAN business.) If you are a member but not a subscriber, you must send a SASE and a request each time you would like to receive the listings. Subscribers receive them automatically. In your listing, we suggest you give information about your tradition (if you have one), groups you work with (if any), who you are interested in connecting with, whether you are interested in working with mixed or single gender groups, etc. We wish to suggest that your listing not be vague or short on information. The more information you share, the more likely you will connect with the people you are interested in. Remember, the interesting and creative draws the eye and stays in the memory. IPAN - Newsletter The newsletter includes a calendar of events and such announcements, news, artwork, and articles as submitted by members. We hope that the community will continue to use this as a place to send the announcements of births, handfastings, initiations, deaths etc; poetry, prose, and other fiction; articles; reviews of books, films and music; rituals and invocations; job offers (requests for jobs should go in personal listings); news items; and action requests. We also would very much like artists to contribute to enhance the style of the publication. We reserve the right to edit or refuse to print any submission or listing. We don't want to censor different views, but we do want to be able to edit for brevity, grammar, spelling, inaccuracies and bad taste. We print a calendar listing meetings, rituals and other events of interest to the community. Members may list events & classes free. For non-members: Events or classes that are free of charge, donation requested and/or fee for materials, are listed free. Events or classes which charge a fee are listed for $10 (or free with paid advertisement). All calendar listings must include an address or phone number for contact. We invite advertising in the newsletter. IPAN's rates are per ad, per issue: $10 for a business card size ad (3 1/2 x 2); $15 for a 1/4 page ad (3 3/4 x 5); $25 for a 1/2 page (7 1/2 x 5); $35 for full page (7 1/2 x 10). All ads must be camera ready and paid in advance. There is a 10% discount for 4 or a 20% discount for 8 consecutive issues. Sample copies of the newsletter are available for $3 with SASE (78 cents postage). Listings are only sent to members. IPAN - Education IPAN is committed to providing educational materials for both the public and our community. We have many projects including a public access television series (in progress), handouts dispelling myths and providing resources, action alerts to the community about anti-Pagan propaganda, public panels on Pagan issues, an annual symposium every April and more. We also provide out-reach to imprisoned Pagans, Pagans in spiritual crisis and those interested in learning more about Paganism. Donations to fund this work are greatly needed. === END OF IPAN LISTING === +++ +++ Re-Formed Congregation of the Goddess. P.O. Box 6677, Madison, WI 53716. Phone (608) 257-5858. The Re-formed Congregation of the Goddess (RCG) is an international women's religion which provides the recognition and benefits of organized religion to its members. The congregation provides a spiritual, ethical and social structure essential in validating women's experience. Although most members are Feminist Wiccan, the Congregation is open to all women who wish to explore a postive path of spiritual development. Membership is free. Priestess training available at nine U.S. locations; women's Wicca learning community available in Wisconsin. Their main training program is the Cella Training Program of the Women's Theological Institute. A structured, but not rigid, priestess training program for women witches. Legal ministerial credentials possible. Nine sites available in U.S. Commitment of one to six years, three weekends per year plus home study & projects. Each student chooses an advisor. Paths (majors): Creatrix, Earthwalker, Scholar/Teacher, Ritualist, Healer, Organizer. Their main gatherings are the Annual Gathering of Priestess, in May of each year, and the Hallows Gathering, in October of each year. * Fellowship of Isis. Email: Call (773) 478-4763. Their local web page: Their international web page: Mail to: Eleusis P.O. Box 257996 Chicago IL 60625-7996 * Ad Hoc All Inclusive Committee (AHAIC). The Special Forces of the Chicago-area Pagan Community. They go where no witch dare tread, they have under their belts a number of rituals, moons, and other special events which they have done just because they wanted to. To find out how you can help call Bill at (773) 878-9429. Be the Few, the Proud. Have Athame Will Travel. * IL WARD (Witches Against Religious Discrimination) is a non-profit agency run by volunteers (and draftees). Winter Wren is the Illinois Chapter director (since 1994). WARD works with public education regarding Wicca. and also does research and offers referrals in discrimination cases. Public speakers on Wicca can be scheduled through IL WARD (donation for travel expenses requested). Illinois WARD Winter Wren, director P. O. Box 247 Normal, IL 61761-0247 309/829-8898 * C.O.R.P., the Coalition Of Rainbow Pagans The Coalition of Rainbow Pagans is a Chicago-area organization of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered neo-pagans. The contact information for C.O.R.P. is: Mailing address: The Coalition Of Rainbow Pagans P. O. Box 258255 Chicago, Illinois 60625-8255 Voicemail: 773-262-5629 See Chicago North Side Regular Events for their event schedule. * Illinois Chapter of the Pagan Awareness League The Pagan Awareness League is an organization that promotes education and awareness within the Wiccan/Pagan community. PAL provides the Wiccan/Pagan community with up-to-date information reguarding Religious Freedom, Religious Intolerance and information focusing on the Wiccan/Pagan "way of life". The Illinois Chapter is just building up and we need people that have opinions and voices to help us out!! We have monthly online meetings, and are planning an Illinois member conference for sometime later this year! We are also going to be "offering" offline membership sometime in the NEAR future! If you would like more information please contact Minde Fisher and Ryan Bayles at: They can also be reached by phone at 815-456-2076 or snail mail: P.O.Box 104; Franklin Grove, IL 61031 You can also visit our website at: B. Student Organizations --------------------- The Pagan Awareness Network (PAN) is a community organization in the Champaign-Urbana area as well as a student organization at the University of Illinois. They maintain a network, publish a monthly newsletter, and hold meetings and social events. Direct mailing list or listserv inquiries to Kit Peters ( or (217) 351-3138) other networking inquiries to Raymond T. Anderson ( or (217) 352-2738). Web page: * Pagan Awareness Association, Northern Illinois University, Illinois. Our contact information is Beth Hodges 815-754-4722 website: C. Chicago North Side ------------------ Temple of Sancta Sophia. Call Vicky at (773) 463-5688 after 6:00 pm. * Temple of the Sacred Stones. Eclectic Gardnerian. Open New Moons and Sabbats. SASE to 1125 W. Wellington, Chicago, IL 60657. Phone (773) 525-9194, evenings and weekends. Lakeview area. COG member, but not a member of Greater Chicagoland Area Local Council. See Regular North Side Events for their open events schedule. * Covenant of Gaea (formerly Temple of the Pagan Way) Covenant of Gaea is a feminist, neo-Wiccan, eclectic coven with a commitment to the earth. We meet in the Edgewater/Andersonville neighborhood at Full Moons, New Moons, and the eight seasonal festivals for ritual and the best potluck in Chicago. We believe in Goddess and God, laughter, shared leadership, and chocolate. The group was founded in 1971. We have been active in the Covenant of the Goddess on a national level for many years; a number of us have been national officers. In additional to our ritual evenings, we sometimes hold special events, such as going to national festivals together, a trip to the hot tubs, museum trips, retreats, Women's Shopping Mysteries, or relaxing in the sauna. We invented a new Pagan festival: the feast of Eris and Eros, which occurs on February 14 of randomly selected years. (Fortunately, these years do not occur too often!) We are currently open for visits by those who might be interested in joining our group. We welcome witches and pagans with experience and also beginners who have done some preliminary reading, such as _The Spiral Dance_ and _Drawing Down the Moon_. Our current members include women and men (but lately mostly women) of varied occupations and sexual orientations. The current age range is 30's to 60's, but other ages are welcome. To contact us, send email to: Or call Gail or Ginny at (773) 878-4296 * Akasha, eclectic ritual group. Call Bill at (773) 878-9429. Mail to Bill Erbacher, 1062 Bryn Mawr #217, Chicago IL 60660-4608, or email * Circle of Danu. Eclectic pagan group, open rituals. Call (773) 528-0949. Write M. Scalzitti, 1736 W. Nelson, Chicago IL 60657. Sponsors Pagan Picnics in LaBagh Woods at least once a year. Ravenswood area. * Eleusis of Chicago. Eclectic, with both Egyptian and Native American influences. A Lyceum of the Fellowship of Isis. Call (773) 478-4763 or email Mail to Eleusis, P.O. Box 257996, Chicago IL 60625-7996. Ravenswood area. Group related to Eleusis: Caretakers. This group is into Earth Mysteries. They "visit sacred sites and perform rituals for peace and healing at them." As Dee puts it: "My personal feeling is that this is like doing acupuncture for the earth, and as we heal Her, we heal ourselves...and vice-versa. The philosophy of Caretakers is ecumenical: each person puts in according to their background and tradition; however, there is a predominant Native American bias to everything we do." Contact Eleusis of Chicago for more information. * Hermetic Order. Eclectic Hermetic Magickal group. Call (773) 989-8911. * Aum.Ha Camp OTO. An encampment of O.T.O. and a fully recognised official body of that Order. O.T.O. is an organisation dedicated to the establishment of the Law of Thelema. Mailing address: Aum.Ha Camp OTO 3540 N. Southport #282 Chicago, IL 60657-1436 Email: Phone: (312) 409-8376 web page: * Sabaean Religious Order. Founded 35 years ago by 22 year veteran initiate in Santeria Odun Arechaga. Sabaean Religious Order was covered extensively in Margot Adler's "Drawing Down the Moon". Write to them at 3221 N. Sheffield, Chicago, IL 60657. Call (773) 868-6003. * WILD ONION GROVE. Description is verbatim from Chris Sherbak: "The Wild Onion Grove, ADF, is a grove (local congregation) of ADF (Ar nDraiocht Fein) based in the Chicago metro area and serving the Old Ones throughout Chicagoland. We have members and friends from the city and from the suburbs, and from other parts of northern Illinois, northwestern Indiana, southern Wisconsin and even southwestern Michigan. "ADF is a national Pan-Indo-European Druid group with an emphasis on scholarly, artistic and ceremonial excellence. It's a non-sexist, nonracist, ecologically oriented revival of the best aspects of ancient Nature-centered spirituality, blended into a sensible modern religion. "We seek others interested in legitimate research about the 'Old Religions' and lifestyles of the Indo-European peoples, as well as artists, musicians, and others who are looking for spiritual roots in the past and willing to take action to insure that the Earth has a future. "Chris Sherbak is a founder and the currently elected Senior Druid (chief priest/minister) of the Grove, and we look forward to your further discussion or participation. Neither we of the Wild Onion Grove, or ADF in general, seek to recruit, but only to provide an avenue for like-minded individuals to journey along with us on our shared path. "We do that via national activities and publications, and through the many Groves scattered about the country. Our local events include open and public rituals, study, support and (perhaps most importantly) fun. We meet for rituals on (or near) the old festival dates: Solstice and Equinox (3/21, 6/21, 9/21, 12/21), and the Cross Quarter Days (2/1, 5/1, 8/1, 11/1). We meet for business and planning meetings at other times during the month. We sneak in fun whenever, and wherever we can. "The Wild Onion Grove also has outings to various events in the Chicagoland area, and often send a contingent to further flung ADF and NeoPagan events, like the annual ADF meeting at the Wellspring festival/campout in western New York, Triple Guild Weekend in Syracuse, or Starwood in Ohio. Our schedule is published in our newsletter. "Please feel free to email, call or write for more questions, or to be added to our mailing list." Contact them at: email: P.O. Box 87651 Chicago, IL 60680-0651 773-489-5766 *** Coven of Sacred Traditions of Ancient Religions. The Coven of Sacred Traditions of Ancient Religions (S.T.A.R. Coven), an eclectic Wiccan coven operating within a traditional structure, and descended from a core Alexandrian coven in London, meets for New Moons, Sabbats and Rites of Passage on Chicago's northside. Coven members and their guests observe the Sabbats as community festivals, ritually celebrating each Turning of the Wheel, and ending each with a pot-luck feast. Rituals are drawn from European Wiccan sources, combined with the folk-magick of indigenous peoples. S.T.A.R. Coven began its formal observances in September 1996, when our Priest and Priestess renewed their working relationship after a nine-year separation. In addition to merging their individual energies, knowledge and experiences, they share an intense interest in the continual growth of the Pagan community. S.T.A.R. Coven uses the Initiation Ritual much as its British ancestor did -- not to represent the reaching of the finality of a stage of development, but rather as representing the beginning of a stage of learning, of experience, of growth. An eight-week set of classes studying the Wiccan religion and the Western Magickal Tradition is offered quarterly. Workshops on the focusing use of folk-magick are offered periodically. Members of S.T.A.R. desiring advanced training may apply to either Heartland Coven or the Coven of Stang and Cauldron. (Heartland Coven, a three-degree Alexandrian coven created in 1987 and a member of the Midwest Pagan Council, provides advanced coven work and training. The Stang and Cauldron Coven, created in 1991, functions as our magickal training group, with a primary focus on folk-magick techniques.) Jack Armstrong, our Priest and a founder of both the Heartland Coven and the Stang and Cauldron Coven, has been actively involved in the Wiccan religion, the study of magick and other areas of metaphysics in both the United States and Europe since 1969. Beatrice Mahlum, our Priestess, began her formal studies of Wicca and magick in 1982, although her interest and reading began in the late 1960's. For more information, or to inquire about attending a Sabbat ritual, please call 773-262-6780 or send e-mail to *** Temple of the Four Winds. The Temple of the four Winds is a Circle of Magickal Spirituality based in the Wiccan belief in the Sacredness of all Creation, all Life. Wicca sees Nature as Sacred and since we are part of Nature, we are Sacred as well. There is no split seen between body and mind or matter and spirit. Spiritual authority resides in the individual and personal Magick is used to effect positive change in accordance with each individual's True Will and True Spirit. The Temple of the Four Winds is not a coven, rather we are a Temple community dedicated to presenting meaningful, Earth Spirituality classes and rituals to the public while deepening each member's connection to the Earth, to Life and to Spirit. Through our classes we guide people in finding how to access their Spirit, ground their Center, find their Purpose and manifest their Power. Contact Temple of the Four Winds at: P.O. Box 268361, Chicago IL 60626-8361. Or call (773) 274-7910. [Note from the Pagan FAQ webmaster: this group charges substantial fees for all lessons.] *** As Yet Unnamed Group. A group is assembling in Chicago to study Celtic Pagan Religions Including Faerie Wicca and Druidism. We are seeking souls who wish to live in unity of the Gods, Ancestors and Nature spirits thus transforming themselves into more focused, stable, and developed human beings. If you want to learn spellcraft we are NOT the group for you! We are interested in scholarly work and creating powerful rites that bring out the best in all of us and change ourselves and the Earth for the better. We will use ceremonial magick as a base for our discipline, and especially an intelligent understanding of the Kabbalah. We will not unite Celtic tradition with Kabbalah, but we will use Kabbalah as a base for understanding the valuable Western Mystery Tradition, developing discipline, and learning how to pathwork on the many planes of existence. Souls with an Artistic and/or Dramatic flare are a definite plus. Beginners welcome. Please contact Matthew at (773) 404-2739. Or write to *** Circle of Hathor. Specializing in Egyptian Majick and ritual. Doing Moons (full and new), Sabbats and significant astrological events. Geared toward young adults, but accepting of all ages. Contact Allen at (773) 583-9965. *** D. South Suburban --------------- Aglaian Triad of Wicca. Wiccan coven of the Aglaian Tradition. In existence since 1982. Strong initiatic tradition; emphasis on internal work. Call jef or Debbie at (708) 799-6474, email, or visit our Web Page at: Located in Homewood, Illinois. COG member and member of Greater Chicagoland Area Local Council. Mail to Aglaian Triad of Wicca, POB 1662, Homewood, IL 60430-0662. * Wiccan Temple of the Celtic Way, Celtic Wiccan coven. P.O. Box 112, Park Forest, IL 60466. Call (708) 481-7284. Park Forest location. COG member and member of Greater Chicagoland Area Local Council. * Phoenix Rising Temple. Eclectic Wicca. (708) 754-7865. South Chicago Heights. Member of Midwest Pagan Council. * Four Winds Chapter, Covenant of Unitarian Universalists Pagans (CUUPS). Contact Gina at (708) 754-2795 or Robert and Michelle at (708) 484-6496. Park Forest Unitarian Church. * The Iseum of the Goddess of the Crystal Moon. Wiccan coven founded in 1989, meets New, Full Moons. Iseum of the Fellowship of Isis. Email Write to them at P.O. Box 802, Matteson, IL 60443-0802. Two web pages: * E. Southwest Suburban ------------------ The First Temple of the Craft W.I.C.A., P.O. Box 59, Western Springs, IL 60558. Call (708) 795-9660 or email Coven meets in Berwyn. Member of Midwest Pagan Council. * CUUPS (Congregation of Unitarian/Universalist Pagans) has a chapter at the Beverly Unitarian Church located in "The Castle" at 103rd and Longwood in the Beverly Neighborhood of South Chicago (one block away from the Metra railway station). They host a monthly open drumming/ritual at 7:00 PM on the Friday closest to the Full Moon. Please contact Teresa Lynch for more information at (773) 233-3702 or email her at " . . . we have a new publication/newsletter called 'MoonBeats,' a monthly collection of articles about the Sabbats, advice from our healers, information about pagan spirituality and unique Ritual, recommended resources, poetry, and other good stuff from our circle! Subscriptions are $5 for 8 issues. Contact Teresa Lynch (773)233-3702 or if you're interested and I can send you a sample copy for Beltane!" * F. West Suburban -------------- Tir Na n'Og. An earth based Celtic (Irish) teaching coven located in Oswego, Illinois. "The coven was formed in 1993 as a small group of Alexandrian Witches. As we practiced it was discovered that, as a group, we were drifting towards the Celtic-Gaelic traditions based upon ancient Gaelic Mythology." "Tir Nan Og is a Witch Coven practicing the Celtic-Gaelic earth-based traditions. The Sabbats, greater and lesser, are based on seasonal and/or traditional themes. Moons are based upon immediate need or intuition. Tir Nan Og practices, and believes in, true duality in Deity and practice." "Tir Nan Og is a teaching coven, based upon a three-tiered degree system. The coven is monitored by elders, although decisions are generally decided upon by democratic consensus of all members. Members are required to take part in the decision making process. All members are encouraged to advance by learning and practice. All members are expected to eventually be capable of teaching others, as well as running a coven of their own. Tir Nan Og teaches and initiates individuals who will be invited to join Coven Tir Nan Og, or practice as solitary Witches, as well as certain individuals who are sincerely interested in the beliefs of the Craft." "Membership in Tir Nan Og is by unanimous invitation, and is lifelong. All members are committed to educating themselves and others toward a goal of bringing Wicca, as a religion and a way of life, into public acceptance." "Tir Nan Og practices the Wiccan Rede, sanctity of Earth, universe and personal choice, full duality in Deity and daily practice, as well as the Celtic-Gaelic traditions and ancient practices. We also host a monthly dinner-gathering which is open to Wiccans, Pagans, and those who are sincerely interested in Pagan/Wiccan beliefs and practices." Contact methods: Call Lee or Susan at (630) 554-6064. Mail to Tir Na n'Og, P.O. Box 5603, Aurora, IL 60507. Email address: G. North/Northwest Suburban ----------------------- Evanston. Panthea Pagan Fellowship. All services are at Evanston Unitarian Church, 1330 Ridge Avenue (one block north of Dempster). Panthea continues to hold an open discussion group every Sunday at noon at the No Exit Cafe, 6970 N. Glenwood, Chicago (1/2 block north of the Morse El stop). For more information call (847) 492-1642, write Panthea Pagan Fellowship, Box 608031, Chicago, IL 60660-8031, or send email to See their web page at Panthea's ritual schedule for 1998 is: Beltaine: 2 May 1998 Each of these dates is subject to change, contact Panthea before planning on attending. *** * Evanston. Iseum of Isis of Protection. Member of Fellowship of Isis, Egyptian spirituality. Contact Geetanjali Singh at (847) 869-1622, email, Mail to Iseum of Isis of Protection, 817 Washington Avenue, Evanston, IL 60202. * Elgin. Mystic Velvet Circle. A magick circle with strong emphasis on ritual. Call (847) 622-3693, or email: Contacts: Kathy Hamill, Robin Slater. * enTRANCE enTRANCE exists to help Solitaries, local groups and those new to the Pagan Path connect with others of like beliefs in the North and West Suburbs. We are looking to encourage contacts and growth in the Suburban Pagan Community, create closer personal ties with the Earth, become involved in local service projects, and travel together to area events. A goal of the enTRANCE website is to foster discussion and cooperation in the Chicago Pagan Community and to provide small groups and Solitaries with another avenue of access to community events. Feel free to contact enTRANCE with your group's activities, and also if you are looking to join others for social or community service outings. enTRANCE meets at Noon on the first Sunday of every month. Make contacts with others in the Pagan community, and join our open discussion and activity planning at: VAIL STREET CAFE, 19 North Vail, Arlington Heights (half a block south of the tracks) We meet on the following dates: April 5, 1998 See their web page at Contact Sarsen at 847-203-9295, or via email at H. Downstate Illinois ----------------- Champaign-Urbana. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Pagan Awareness Network is one of the strongest points of contact for pagans seeking groups in Urbana-Champaign, whether the pagan is student or not. They can be contacted at, or visit their home page at * DeKalb/Rockford. Kishwaukee Valley Pagan Alliance. Write Kishwaukee Valley Alliance, POB 252, Sycamore, IL 60178; phone at (815) 895-9304, email at Website at * DeKalb/Rockford. Nightfall Coven. Nightfall Coven is an eclectic Wiccan coven whose primary focus is teaching and learning. Nightfall Coven takes new members on an interview-first basis. For more information, contact Chris Waterous at (815) 754-4863. * DeKalb. CUUPS chapter. DeKalb CUUPS (Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans) was formed for the purposes of enabling networking among "Pagan-identified" UUs; providing outreach of Unitarian Universalism to the broader Pagan community; providing educational materials on Paganism for UU congregations and the general public; encouraging the development of theological and liturgical materials based on earth and nature centered religious and spiritual perspectives; encouraging greater use of music, dance, visual arts, poetry, story, and creative ritual in UU worship and celebration; providing support for "Pagan-identified" UU religious professionals and ministerial students; and fostering healing relationships with our mother the Earth and all Her children. For more information contact Nikki at (815) 895-9304. * Rockford. Earth & Sky CUUPS Circle. "In our gatherings we celebrate the meaning and beauty of the changing seasons and the energy of the Full Moon, with ceremonies of song and dance and sharing. We seek to increase our awareness of the unbroken connection of all existence, using the metaphor of the Goddess. Come join us in Her joyful celebration! See the calendar for dates and times; we meet at the Unitarian Universalist Church 4848 Turner Street, Rockford IL 61107-5099. Contact Earth & Sky through the church office at (815) 398-6322, or via email at" * Rockford/Beloit/Belvidere/Freeport. Stargate Temple. Write them at: Stargate Temple P.O. Box 8892 Rockford, IL 61126-8892 Stargate is a member of Midwest Pagan Council. * Springfield. AB HET PER. Egyptian group celebrating Celtic Sabbats. Mother coven of AB HET PER in Lowell, Indiana. Write AB HET PER, P.O. Box 9708, Springfield, IL 62791-9708. Also, email them at, or phone (217) 492-6867. COG member, but not a member of Greater Chicagoland Area Local Council. See their web page at * Normal. Temple of the Sacred Lady of Avalon Leaders: Winter Wren, High Priestess; Myrria DuLoch, Priest Founded in 1993, meets on Sabbats, Esbats, and New Moons for ritual, as well as weekly for discussions and teaching. Orientation is Eclectic Wiccan, incorporated with Native American and Celtic traditions, drawing heavily from the Codes of Chivalry and Arthurian Legend. The temple maintains a three level initiation system. For information, call (309)829-8898 or write: Temple of the Sacred Lady of Avalon, P.O. Box 247, Normal, IL 61761. Email may be addressed to Myrria at or Winter Wren at Temple of the Sacred Lady of Avalon is hosting classes in conjunction with Mystic Link. The classes will be held in the meeting room at Mystic Link, 1206 N. Towanda, Unit 4, Bloomington,IL. Classes are being offered on the Tarot, Wicca, Stress Management, Ritual Writing, and a facilitated discussion on The Celestine Prophecy and the Mists of Avalon. There is a charge for the classes. Questions and registrations should be directed to (309) 829-8898 or by emailing * Carbondale, Jackson County. Universal Spirituality. Community-based discussion group on all Pagan and New Age beliefs, practices and experiences. Weekly meetings. Contact Tara Nelsen, 602 N. Michaels, Carbondale, IL 62901. * Macomb, Illinois. SOAR (Students of Ancient, Ancestral, Alternative Religions) will meet the last Tuesday of each month at 9:30 pm at _A Sacred Space_ -- 19 E. Side Square (above Disc&Dat), in Macomb. The last meeting for the 1997-1998 school year will be April 28, 1998 at 7:30, at the loft within Disc&Dat. This summer a monthly pagan film series will be planned. For more info call the new number at _A Sacred Space_ - 309-833-5450 or email : I. Northwest Indiana ---------------- Woods Park Pagan Temple. Eclectic Wiccan, member of Midwest Pagan Council. Contact Bella or Bryan at (219) 659-7770, or via email at Whiting, Indiana. Member of Midwest Pagan Council. * Raven Star Family Coven. A Celtic tradition with Egyptian and Nordic influences. Voice (219) 255-1963, mail to 208 Alford Street, Mishawaka, IN 46544, or email them at * AB HET PER, Lowell, Indiana. Egyptian group celebrating Celtic Sabbats. An affiliate of AB HET PER in Springfield. Write AB HET PER, P.O. Box 9708, Springfield, IL 62791-9708. Also, email them at, or phone (217) 492-6867. * Pagans of the Woods. Eclectic Wicca. Contact Linda and Stan "Bee" at (219) 473-9675. Hammond, Indiana. * J. Central/Southern Indiana ---------------------- New Moon Circle. Located near Anderson, IN. An ecclectic Wiccan/Pagan Circle which meets to celebrate the sabbats. Snail: New Moon Circle, P.O. Box 233, Middletown, IN 47356. Email: Also see their web page at Thalia Clan Eclectic Wiccan Community. Located near Indianapolis. A small tradition of eclectic Neo-Pagan Wicca founded Beltane 1992 CE. Contact them via phone at 317-357-9470 or by email at, or check out their web page at Wyrd House. Wyrd House is a metaphysical, new age-old world networking meeting house. They have been active since October of 1987, and meet once a month. They have met many divergent thinkers who have stimulated their minds and broadened their interests. They have seen videos, attended workshops, and listened to many kinds of music. They have created a very large book, magazine and tape library. They have also recently added a lot of resources found on the internet. They have discussed everything from Channeling, Tarot, Herbalism, Wicca, Paganism, Shamanism, Asatru, Past Life Regression, Magick, the Occult, Various Religious and Life Philosophies, Healing, Astrology, Numerology and many others. They have plans for new and repeat workshops in the future. They are positive people who are looking for more positive people who want to share their interests and knowledge. There is no commitment of any kind involved with Wyrd House. It is free will, come when you want. Contact Syrylyn for more information, using any of the following contact points: email: snail: Wyrd House P.O. Box 1824 Indianapolis, In 46206-1824 * * * Bearmoon Coven. Indianapolis. Bearmoon is a learning coven that concentrates on the spiritual development of its covenors. They are Shamanic Wiccans, combining Wicca with Shamanic traditions of Aboriginal Americans and Celtic Shamanism. They are currently interviewing for new members and aquaintances. Email them for more information at, or visit their web page at Or call them at 317-824-2163. * * * Indiana Asatru Council P.O. Box 441308 Indianapolis, IN 46244 * * * Elf Lore Family. Bloomington, Indiana. They are an earth-based spiritual organization, not exactly pagan but inclusive of many pagan traditions. Contact Elf Lore Family, P.O. Box 1082, Bloomington, IN 47402-1082. Also call 1-812-275-0585. Email: Web page: Their events are listed under Exurban Festivals. * * * Unitarian Universalist Church, Hobart, Indiana. A group in this UU has an open neo-pagan circle which will be celebrating its third year at Beltane 1997. Rituals are held the Saturday closest to the actual holiday in the Parish Hall. Please phone either the church at (219) 942-1611 or Kurt Shipley at (219) 763-3615 for more details. * * * See also the Indiana WLPA's Indiana Wiccan and Pagan Resources, a page similar to Midwestern U.S. Pagan FAQ, for the Indiana community. Check it out at K. Missouri ----------- See Tom Chapin's excellent web page on Missouri pagan groups: http://Walden.MO.NET/~tjc/stlpag/calendar.html * Beth Lushede Proto-Nest. "We are a proto-nest of the Church Of All Worlds, We are a teaching coven in the Kansas City area, We publish a monthly polifidelity newsletter, and a Goddess oriented creative-writing quarterly, We are a polyfidelitous/pagan intentional community (two males, one female at present)." contact: Maenwyn Rati (816) 252-6023 Box 520291, Independence MO 64052 * Glendower. Independence, Missouri. Glendower is an intentional community that practices both polyfidelity and neo-paganism. We are a proto-nest of the Church of All Worlds, member of the Loving More Network, and also listed in the __Directory of Intentional Communities of North America.__ We have only been around for two years, and have only 3 "core" members, but are active in sponsoring and networking with neo-pagans and those who are interested in polyfidelity, or polyamory. Our email address is: Our snail mail address is: Glendower, POB 420291, Independence, Mo. 64052 We put out a monthly newsletter, and mail sample copies out to the curious for a $1.00 donation. Yearly subscriptions are $10 for 12 issues. (6-8 pages each). L. Ohio ----------- Columbus, Ohio. Pagan Community Council of Ohio. email: snail: P.C.C.O. P.O. Box 82089 Columbus, OH 43202-0650 phone: (614) 261-1022 +++ Columbus, Ohio. Community Pagan Alliance. The Community Pagan Alliance (CPA) was formed with a three-fold purpose: educational, environmental, and ecumenical. CPA is intended to serve as an umbrella group that builds unity between groups and solitaries, between experienced and new practitioners, and among the many diverse spiritual practices that are collectively known as Paganism. Contact via: Community Pagan Alliance P.O. Box 12541 Columbus, OH 43212 (614) 262-1175 (ask for Lilith) +++ Living in Greater Harmony Together (LIGHT). Represents northwestern Ohio. Contact LIGHT at: homepage: email: snail: LIGHT 2244 Ward St. Toledo, Ohio 43609 phone: (419)385-1414 +++ Akron, Ohio. Spiral Oak. A lot has happened at Spiral Oak since February ('97)! We have decided the best way to proceed was to become a legal church which we now are. There are a few more details to finish up but for all intents and purposes, we ARE a legal church. Our mission statement: "Spiral Oak is a multidenominational Pagan church devoted to sustaining community through education, worship and charitable acts. Each person has the right to determine how and what they will worship, alone and with others, and we support these individual convictions insofare as they bring harm to none." We are ordaining our first clergy this week and have set up a 3 year training program for any who are called in the future. We have started a land fund as we plan to have our own place eventually. Right now we will be meeting monthly at the main branch of the Akron-Summit County Public Library on the 3rd Thurday of the month (I'm not sure of the time at the moment - 6:30 or 7:00pm. I will let you know as soon as I find out for sure.). These will be worship and learning circles. The business meetings will be at another time so as not to take time away from these gatherings. Anyone interested in being on the ground floor of organizing a new church, serving the pagan community in any way, or donating time, $, talents or ideas, please contact our Chairman, Ken Wilson, at his store The Mystick Goddess (a cool pagan shop) 330-762-5550. Blessed Be Shooting Star +++ Toledo, Ohio. Spirit Weavers. Spirit Weavers is a Nest of the Church of All Worlds. email: URL: snail: Spirit Weavers PO Box 2867 Toledo, OH 43606-0867 phone: (419) 531-9785 fax: (419) 531-2057 +++ Cincinnati, Ohio. Green Dome Temple. "The goals and purposes of this Corporation includes: 1.Gathering and desemination of information on human potentiality and consciousness, ecological awareness, networking, alternative religions, alternative lifestyles, human sexuality and the responsible application of such information. 2.Provision of advice, personal instruction, and group experience in the above mentioned areas and related subjects. 3.Conduction of research and experimentation in the above mentioned and related subjects. 4.Provision for the ordination of clergy. 5.Coordination of retreats and special events." email: URL: snail: Green Dome Temple P.O. Box 14059 Cincinnati, Ohio 45250-0059 Phone: (513) 541-2821 +++ Cincinnati, Ohio. Kindred Spirits Hearth. Kindred Spirits Hearth is an Asatru group of about a dozen people from the Southwest Ohio area. We meet weekly for study group and fellowship and hold regular religious celebrations. Many of the folk of Kindred Spirits are also members of a Cincinnati-based eclectic pagan community called Green Dome Temple. In addition, several members belong to a variety of other groups including the Rune Gild, Frigga's Web, Ring of Troth, etc. Our banner features three symbols that express the qualities and pursuits of our membership. The distaff symbol of Frigga which symbolizes the crafts and skills of the home and the traditional skills of the woman, as well as the magick of the weave. The hammer of Thor symbolizes the strength and the courage of the warrior who is called to protect and support the welfare of the group. And the Valknot of Odhin, the dark Lord of consciousness who represents the personal quest for spiritual knowledge and enlightenment. None of these three aspects are gender-specific in any way. Every enlightened Asatruar, should seek to balance the aspects within their being. Kindred Spirits Hearth is dedicated to openness and tolerance for others. We have no use for any form of discrimination or prejudice, be it on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, etc. The sad fact is that in today's modern society, much of the holy tenets and symbols of our Germanic cultural legacy have become tainted, first by the Nazi perversion and more recently, by those who would use religion to push personal agendas of hatred and intolerance. May the light of Wisdom dispell this ignorance. It is our hope that all folk, both heathen and non-heathen alike, can come together to celebrate that diversity and variation that makes us strong. Ultimately, we are all part of one big human family. Hatred and disputes within the human community only waste energy and distract us from the great work. contact methods: email: URL: phone: (513)681-Odin (6346) +++ Cleveland, Ohio. Stone Creed Grove Cleveland ADF Chapter. email: URL: snail: StoneCreed Grove PO Box 18727 Cleveland Hts, OH 44118 ----------------------------------------------------------------------- M. Wisconsin ------------ Dragon Family, the oldest CAW Nest in existence (since 1976). Write to them at Dragon Family, P.O. Box 24124, Milwaukee, WI 53224. Or call Larry at (414) 272-7657 or Kris at (414) 357-6571. Email Larry at or Kris at Web page at * StarSpring ProtoNest. Madison, Wisconsin area. Church of All Worlds (CAW) member. Sponsors a Pagan discussion group, Pagan Tea & Talk, and monthly ritual open to visitors. StarSpring ProtoNest, c/o Oakwind, PO Box, 144, Mt. Horeb, WI 53572. Email Kyril Oakwind at * Fox Coven. Appleton, Wisconsin. Fox Coven covers the Lake Winnebago area of Wisconsin, on the far eastern side of the state and just west of the mid-western shore of Lake Michigan. 20 minutes south of Green Bay, 1 hour east of Sheboygan, and 2 hours north of Milwaukee. Email: Web page: Also contact them at: Fox Coven c/o WitchesBrew & Extras 517 Forest St Green Bay, WI 54302 (920) 437-6988 * EarthSpirit Coven. Green Bay, Wisconsin. Norse Wicca Coven. URL: Phone: (920) 437-6988 Email: (Beth Willowsnake). Postal mail: EarthSpirit Coven c/o WitchesBrew & Extras 517 Forest St Green Bay, WI 54302 * Spirit Pathways is located at: It's a listing of alternative spiritual resources in the Madison area, but it's grown to be a resource for Wisconsin in general. * Wisconsin Pagan Mailing List Email discussion list about Wisconsin neo-paganism. Subscribing to the main list ---------------------------- The list comes in two versions. The messages are the same, but the delivery method is different. The main version will send you each message as it comes in. You can reply to each message as it arrives. Your email traffic will increase a bit. To subscribe to the list, send a message to: with the word "subscribe" by itself (without the quotes) in the body. To unsubscribe from the list, send a message to: with the word "unsubscribe" by itself (without the quotes) in the body. Subscribing to the Digest version: ---------------------------------- Digest form means you get all the messages compiled in one big message whenever the volume reaches a certain point. To subscribe to the digest version of the list, send a message to: with the word "subscribe" by itself (without the quotes) in the body. To unsubscribe from the digest, send a message to: with the word "unsubscribe" by itself (without the quotes) in the body. After you subscribe, you will be sent a confirmation message. This is both to ensure that the email address is valid, and to help prevent people from subscribing others to the list without their permission. Follow the instructions in that message (it entails replying to the message with another command). You'll then receive a welcome message containing pertinent information on the list, including instructions for unsubscribing and other important information that should be saved. Posting a message to the list ----------------------------- To send messages to the list, send email to ++ View their web page at N. Iowa ------- River City Pagan Community. A community discussion group on the University of Iowa campus, open to anyone in the Iowa City/Coralville/Cedar Rapids area with interest in Pagan spiritualities. Postal address: River City Pagan Community IMU Student Activities Center University of Iowa Iowa City, IA 52242 Phone: (319) 354-5707 For more information contact RCPC at: See their webpage at * Our Lady Of The Prairie Coven. A Wiccan coven in the Quad Cities (Davenport and Bettendorf, Iowa and Moline and Rock Island, Illinois). Our Lady of the Prairie is a National member of the Covenant of the Goddess ( Our Lady of the Prairie (OLP) considers itself a Celtic/Eclectic coven, with our patron Dieties being the Lady of the Prairie, and the Horned One whom we call Plainswalker. We also work with other Dieties as well, and each member has their own patron Gods/Goddesses whom they love. We offer Wicca 101 classes, usually once a year, and Wicca 102 classes when there is a need. We occasionally hold open rituals, or work with the Quad City CUUPS chapter in presenting an open ritual. Email Jim Hogg at or or visit our Website at Snail: Our Lady Of The Prairie P.O. Box 1596 Davenport, IA 52806-1596 * WiccaNet. Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa. WiccaNet is a Wicca study group and information resource. This group began in November 1997 as an outgrowth of the New Age Philosophies Club at Iowa State University, to create a safe and magical environment for the exploration of individual spiritual paths. Those interested in joining the group, or being on the group's mailing list, should contact them at: Email: (Clark Ford) Postal Address: Clark Ford Advisor, New Age Philosophies Club 2312 Food Sciences Bldg Iowa State University Ames, IA 50011 URL: O. Michigan ----------- Ann Arbor, Michigan. Shining Lakes Grove Shining Lakes Grove is a local branch of ™r nDraİocht FÚin, A Druid Fellowship, Inc (ADF). URL: email: snail: Shining Lakes Grove P.O. Box 15585 Ann Arbor, Michigan 48106-5585 Phone: (313) 480-2082 +++ Ann Arbor, Michigan. Helix. An Eclectic Pagan Circle of Southeast Michigan and Northern Ohio. Helix is a group of people with a broad range of beliefs who have come together to explore different aspects of a magical spirituality. We were founded in the fall of 1996 to be an open group, with a strong emphasis on personal contribution. Helix believes that by encouraging diversity, we all have the best opportunities to explore and learn. We are female and male, gay and straight, Wiccan and shaman... hence Helix is inclusive of all genders, sexual orientations and traditions. We welcome individuals at all levels of experience who may be interested in participating in the continual creation of a non-hierarchical eclectic Circle. Our only request is that you be serious (about learning, not necessarily in your practice), open-minded, and an adult. URL: email: phone: (313) 973-2767, Christopher Bartlett snail: PO Box 6181 East Lansing, MI 48826 +++ Kalamazoo, Michigan. Ancient Altars, Western Michigan University Ancient Altars was created to offer educational opportunities to our Pagan, campus, and off-campus communities as well as celebrations of the holidays. We (although not all at the same time!) offer classes, workshops, and opportunites for those who would like to learn effective teaching methods to apprentice under another teaching member of the group. As a group of mainly students working with other students, and a good number of non-students as well, as representatives on our campus of Pagan traditions, our public offerings (rituals, workshops, question and answer panels, et al) are designed to be accessible to non-Pagans and the newly interested, as well as individuals who have been practicing for some time. While not family (children) centered, we are child-friendly, and several members do have and bring their progeny to events. While the university requires us to have as 'officers' registered students, we are certainly not limited to students, and heartily welcome all. Info contact: Elisabeth Carnell 616-345-8671 group mailing address: 2720 Faunce Student Services Bldg. Box #192 Office of Student Life - WMU Kalamazoo MI 49008 +++ East Lansing, Michigan. Green Spiral, Michigan State University Green Spiral is a student organization at Michigan State University in East Lansing, MI. It was founded in the fall of 1996 with the purpose of creating a comfortable, easily-accessible and safe space where local Pagans might meet, network, and discuss issues of importance. Meetings are every other Wednesday evening, and are open to the general public. An adjunct group, Friends of Green Spiral (FrOGS), organizes and performs eclectic rituals for the Sabbats and full moons. Email: URL: phone: (517) 228-4752 snail: P.O. Box 6181, East Lansing, MI 48826 +++ Grand Rapids, Michigan. Celestial Teaching Center URL: email: snail: Celestial Teaching Center P.O. Box 8706 Kentwood, MI 49518-8706 Phone: (313) 480-2082 "Rev.'s Larry & Crystal Dunton founded the Celestial Teaching Center 9 years ago, and began the Celestial Circle Tradition at the same time. The Celestial Teaching Center went on-line (11/95) to better serve the Goddess & God as Witches, Teachers, Students, Shamanic Healers, Spiritualist Ministers (1987) and Wiccan Clergy (MidSummers 1996). We have worked in the paranormal/metaphysical/spirit realms for over 20 years. We have just become a Wiccan/Earth Spiritualities Church!!!!!!! Blessed Be!" +++ Stevensville, Michigan (southwest Michigan). Sanctuary of the Moon Covenstead. Sanctuary of the Moon Covenstead is a chartered and Federally recognized Pagan Church in Southwest Michigan. We offer services to the community, and have open Sabbat rituals, all are welcome to visit. If you would like more information, or would like to visit for a Sabbat ritual, please contact Rev. Kristin Looney or Rev. Dennis Looney at, or write to PO Box 0058, Stevensville, MI 49127. +++ Midland, Saginaw, Michigan (Tri-city area). Spiral Paths Networking Community Spiral Paths is a diverse community for those interested in Pagan, Wiccan, and Earth-centered spirituality in the Tri-city area. We hold topica; discussion circles, workshops, and seasonal Sabbat rituals in Midland and Saginaw and publish a newsletter. Teresa Marshall and Edward Ortiz, Facilitators phone: (517) 832-7080 email: mailing address: Spiral Paths P.O. Box 406 Midland, MI 48640 ************************************************************ *********************** IV. Other Geographical Pagan Indices ************************************************************ MD, DC, VA, DE Local Calendar of Pagan Festivals/Large Events URL: Larry Cornett's National Calendar of Pagan Festivals/Large Events URL: Rowan Fairchild's list of U.S. groups by zip code (caution: this list gets out of date quickly!) URL: Connecticut Wiccan and Pagan Network Home Page URL: Austin, Texas Pagan Austin Network URL: Horns and Crescent. Events for Massachusetts, southern New Hampshire, southern Vermont, and Rhode Island. Some of our listings are open rituals, some are pagan social type events, and some are classes offered at local shops. WORLD PAGAN NETWORK World Pagan Network (WPN) is a resource for all Pagans. It is peopled by volunteers from across the country and around the world. Pagans helping Pagans find the contacts, rituals, meetings or even the best part of town for a Pagan to live. There is no charge or fee for this service. Simply e-mail with your request, or write to: Chris West 721 N. Hancock Ave. Colorado Springs, CO 80903 Please include a return address and the area, town or country you need information on. Information will be sent by either e-mail or snail mail. If you are interested in volunteering your time to WPN, please contact either of the above addresses for details. ------------------------------------- This FAQ copyright 1998 by Jeffrey Benner. Permission must be obtained before reproducing in any non-electronic format.